Images and Additional Information for Assignment 1 - Examples of Tonal Self Portraits without hand

The following examples of Tonal Self Portraits are missing some of the assignment 1 requirements and objectives (such as there are no depictions of  hands) As well some are better in addressing  assignment objectives than others. Review list of assignment objectives below and for further explanation on assignment objectives and requirements see assignment 1 information

Assignment Objectives:
1) Layering and Editing Process from Beginning to Completion of Drawing   

2) Range of Tones, Edges and Mark Making: 

3) Accurate Proportion, Scale and Potential Perspective Concepts: 

4) Composition: 

5) Strategic Levels of Contrast: 

6) Forms/Volumes & Space: 

7) Strategic Use of Detail: 

Self-Portrait Drawing Example in 3 Stages:

Stage 1 of Drawing with tentative layers and description of subject matter

Stage 2 of Drawing with further layers and increased use of contrast and detail in subject matter

Stage 3 Completion of Drawing Presenting multiple revisions/layers along with strategic use and progression of contrast, detail and sharp to soft edges in subject matter progressing from Foreground to background.

Detail of Stage 3 Completion of Drawing

Self-Portrait Drawing Example in 2 Stages:

Stage 1
Conté Drawing

Stage 2
Conté Drawing

Other Examples of Tonal Portraiture and Self- Portaits

Detail of Previous Image

Advanced Drawing 1 Fall 2007

Advanced Drawing 1 Fall 2007

Advanced Drawing 1 Fall 2005

Advanced Drawing 1 Fall 2005             B & W  Oil Pastel

Advanced Drawing 1 Fall 2005

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